JASPER (Job Assets and Strength Profiler)

Unique Strengths

Innovative, Spontaneous, Multi-Tasking, Questioning

What you want out of work:
To dream big and to foster your creativity and knack for innovation.

Your colleagues think of you as:
A creative, abstract thinker who is fun to watch in action.

What you have to offer:
Not only new and better ideas for how things can be improved, but also the courage to pursue them.


Innovative. Your leadership style can be characterized as Innovative. You tend to be inventive and proactive in creating new ways to get things done, bringing a sense of confidence to most things you do. You aren’t afraid to take risks if it means finding a new, better way.

Work Personality

Spontaneous. You are more Spontaneous than Deliberate when it comes to your work personality. You are comfortable pushing the envelope and suggesting new ways of doing things. Your spontaneity and ability to break out of the mold can also help others think outside the box.

Universal Skills

Multi-tasking skills. With multitasking as your strongest universal skill, you are likely effective in managing multiple things at once and are talented in producing work quickly. You are sharp, tend to be a quick learner, and don’t get daunted in the face of stress.

Work Style

Questioning. While you trust the decisions of your superiors, you feel better when you understand the reasons why certain decisions are made. You aren’t comfortable simply accepting things at face value but would rather take time to assess them and offer your own opinions.


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