Devoted to great user experiences. Iā€™m passionate about making software easier to use. I delight in discovering new ways of doing old things and I blend creativity, logic, intuition and research into my thinking so that enhances problem-solving.

Sean always, always finds a way to get things done. This is one of his most valuable core talents, and a reason that people love working with him. Donnie Garvich, VP Product Development 2017

Change Doesn't Happen Overnight

When you resign yourself to change takes time you are then free to take the time to change. My approach is to help make small changes to your site, app or organization. Then build on that change with more change. Then, before you know it, you are making an impact.

Thank you for being on top of everything. You are seriously making it easier for me to feel like JS Printing is giving the service that I like for us to give. Angela, JS Printing 2012

A few clients I've worked on...

This is just small sampling of client's I've worked on.
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